To help reduce liability, consider a newsletter.

Many recent homeowners:

  • give little thought to maintaining their new home; and
  • assume it will always be in the same good condition it was when they first moved in.

Consider sending all of your clients, including past clients, a customized home maintenance newsletter. Using our newsletter-content tool, you choose from InterNACHI’s Library what content will appear in the newsletter. The newsletter is, therefore, customized based upon what you found in the inspected home and your client.

**For example, **let’s say:

  • your client has a dog and children, and
  • the house has GFCI problems and a deck issue.

Within a few minutes after the home inspection, using our newsletter tool, you can build a customized monthly newsletter that includes information about:

  • pets,
  • child safety,
  • GFCI-protection, and
  • deck maintenance.

**Get the picture? ** The newsletter is totally customized to the inspected house and your client.

**And better yet, **the newsletter establishes a long-term, relevant relationship with all of your clients and promotes your business.

And even better still, the cost is nothing. It’s free. Just another great membership benefit.

Try customizing a sample monthly newsletter for yourself. Give it a try at