To join or not to join the B.B.B

How advantageous is it to join the BBB?

My opinion is that it is not advantageous and a waste of your money. Opinions vary.


Not from that one.

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I have heard many time, on this very forum, that if one pays enough, they can have a stellar record with the BBB…not my cup of tea…like the other gentlemen before me.

I’d rather pay directly to the referring agent…(kidding)

P.S. Welcome back to our forum, Kent!..Enjoy! :smile:

It does not work as it used to. Most rely on google reviews and such, today. BBB is old school. The nasty lady called me from BBB and tried to coerce me into joining, it’s all about $$$


BBB = scam, pfffttttttt, not me - never, night night

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Threaten to report them to the BBB !!! :wink:

Morning, Kent.
Hope this post finds you well and in good spirits today.

As to your question, joining the BBB. It depends why.
Do you wish to become a BBB member to Mitigate/Resolve Home Inspector Company complaints through BBB resolutions?
For Advertising?
Too show prospective clients your are trust worthy?

Years ago when the BBB was in Quebec Canada I wanted to join the year I open my company. The BBB left Quebec that same year.
Now I have a different view of how a home inspection business can have all the business related trust certifications you require for free.

1: You are an InterNACHI CPI. :grinning:
2: Proudly display the Buy Back Your Home Logo if you qualify.
3: Join recognized social networking groups. LinkedIn. FaceBook. Twitter. Trusted Pros.
4: Do good work, Kent. It pays off I promise.

All the best with your endeavors, Kent.

I should’ve told her I’d report her to BBB for being rude and using obnoxious sales tactics on a potential “business customer” :rofl:

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Thanks guys for your advice. I was contacted by the BBB and didn’t want to shell out 5-600 for something not needed. Blessings to you all.

The BBB is an extortion sham. I count BBB membership as a negative when evaluating vendors.

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Well said Chuck. I also count it as a negative.

I’m with Michael, its a waste of your marketing dollar and never generated one lead for me during a year of membership.

BBB, what’s that? :joy:

BBB is another Yelp or Homeadviser. They called me and demanded I pay to be listed and when I refused my rating went from A+ to not listed in one day. Dont waste yer money.

Thank you for all the responses. Great information. Thank you.

Best Beer Belly…


Though having a BBB rated business can be beneficial, I opted to not join for my business.

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Smart man, Robert!

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