To price or not to price on website?

I have been in turmoil about this the last 2 days because of an article I read. It said that putting prices for services on your website is one of the biggest mistakes home inspectors make because then it eliminates the need for the critical phone call. Sounds logical right. I have always listed our prices because I think we have a great price for our customers & that would motivate them to call even more. What do you guys think?

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I think the correct answer is to do what you feel is best for you.
I have tried both and currently do not have prices directly on my website.

I have competition that does list prices and has much more work than I do, however he has also been around about 6 years longer.

Listing prices works for some companies and not for others.
Think about things you can search for online (service and retail)
What searches gave you prices and what did not.
check what your competition is doing.

Make the choice you feel comfortable with, or if you have the extra funds try two websites one with pricing one without and track where your sales come from.

I currently use ISN (Inspection Support Network) on my website it will give a client a price, however by the time it gives an indication of price it has collected enough information for me to contact for a personal quote.

I don’t feel like my prices are “low”, but competitive for my area. My prices range from $199-399 depending on the package. There are guys in my area doing inspections for $150. I am in Detroit, Mi and all the customers in my area shop price because the economy here is just that bad. It makes it hard to raise my prices to where I would like.

That was very helpful, I like those ideas thanks

You could just put “starting at $…” That may help get potential clients the inclination to call you.

I think everyone in the Charlotte metro region should do it; put it on their website. I fully support that idea.

Hey Darrul, my prices have been posted on my websites since day one. I am priced higher than any other inspector with posted prices including the guy starting at 125 n my area. I start at 345.00 He gets the crap and I get the clients who understand and pay for quality. I still get people phoning and emailing for prices and I take the time to listen and then speak to or write the clients and explain truthfully the benefits of hiring an experienced and educated home inspector. At the base of my home page it states I don’t do partial inspections, I don’t do cheap inspections, I do inspections done right. www.
That is what the clients want and that is what they are willing to pay for. The few who want to go the cheap route are welcome to go elsewhere. Don’t sell yourself short or cheap.

thanks for the advice

[FONT=Verdana]I have only put starting at on my site. I may have a set mold/radon price on there.

In my mind putting my start price will weed out those only price shopping, but still have the call to action for a quote I want to close the sale and promote myself to the client. It isn’t as if you’re hiding your price, but some folks simply think we’re all created equal so price without a conversation can become the determining factor.

In my area some competitors put the price on there as well as the whole formula so you can figure it out. I’d rather they call and I quote it out on the phone that’s all. If the price is $X up to X square feet, they assume a figure but leave out other factors like multi family, no basement or attic, detached 2 car garage, etc. A phone call is best IMO.

personally I cant stand shopping somewhere that does not have prices posted- like a furniture store or a used car. It makes me feel like the seller is trying to get as much as he thinks he can on every single purchase. I will always go elsewhere. Honest, up front princing. Ordering a home inspoection should not make you feel like you are buying a used car and need to negotiate price or be considered a sucker. My prices are on my site. I am in the same price range as guys not posting prices for the most part. Some have varying factors -I typically do not

I had prices on my website in the beginning. Took them off and get more calls which means more opportunity to convert. It also gives me a chance to adjust my prices on the fly for homes that may have issues. I have also raised my prices steadily over the last 6 months with an increase in business. Those that have not raised prices in the last year are losing money.

Great idea!
We should all post prices on sites so that the consumer will have a lower fee.

Discount inspections and price wars should make this field more challenging by shortening on-site and report time for all as the the quickest cheapest Inspectors will get the lions share.
About time all the newbies had a fair playing field since with less experience they will have less to report and make more money.

Consumers should have a right to price shop and save money since that is the main difference between us all.

Post them on the Home page in big text with cool yellow and bright red frames so everyone can see how professional you are.:slight_smile:

The first thing I did (and do every couple years) was call all my competitors and hear their phone presentation. They all sucked royally. Most didn’t even answer the phone. I got called “dude”, “man”, “buddy”, they stated their price and fell silent, they stumbled over their words like they didn’t really know what they did for a living… it was pathetic.

From that moment on I decided I wanted to talk to each potential client. I wrote a script, I planned my answers to potential questions and I memorized it all. All that determined that I would NOT list my prices anywhere because I would rather they call and hear me and be able to compare that to an impersonal website or a poorly executed phone call from my competition.

IMO if someone wants to save $100-150 on the inspection, they have a messed up perception of home inspections and who better to correct that perception than a friendly inspector on the phone.

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I just put them up on my website a few weeks ago. I am generating a few calls a call a week from my website and it seems people don’t get to my prices before they call me. It is there for those who absolutely need it but its tucked away so that people have to read about me first. I think its working pretty well.

Darrul it seems you are new inspector like me. The only way to know for sure is to test it out yourself. There is ample experience here and great opinions but every city is different and different things work for different people. Try it, both ways, move forward with whatever works best. I have tried a few things so far that have been absolute disasters. (message me if you want to hear about them) I learned and moved on. You need to do the same.

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This is what you call a false analogy fallacy.

I might help decide whom NOT to choose. :slight_smile:

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