To the infrared using masses...

The Intentions of AC Tool Supply, Inc.

It has come to the attention of the FLIR manufacturer’s representatives, those that be, that AC Tool Supply prefers the Fluke thermal imagers for building envelope inspection, over the equivalent FLIR model(s). I will tell you now that this could not be further from the truth.

I will start by stating that AC Tool Supply (Aiken Colon Tool Supply, Inc.) has NO exclusive allegiance to ANY infrared thermal camera manufacturer. That includes FLIR, Fluke, ElectroPhysics, or Ideal Industries. In my 17 years of sales, I have never seen more animosity between manufacturers, than I have in the last 5 months. While contractor and inspector alike, are struggling to keep and maintain work in this unreliable economy, the very manufacturers of the cameras they use are wasting their time badgering distributors over who’s cameras THEY think are better. Rather than using their vast time and resourses to help promote these distributors or the work their customers provide.

As a distributor, I should be looking at the big picture and sucking up to all of them (well, which ever manufacturer is on the phone at the time), to make sure that I am protecting my source of cameras for future sales. However, I can no longer hide my disgust for this behavior. Would you call out a remodeler for using a Milwaukee sawzall blade over a Lenox? Would you badger a framer for using a Freud blade over a Marathon? Could you imagine a Dewalt representative cutting off a Grainger location because they promoted a PorterCable drill? This kind of action leads to brand bias that ultimately leaves the customer unsatisfied. Unsatisfied with the opportunity to choose the right tool for THEIR job. It is THEIR job and it is THEIR money. I have always believed that having a multitude of tools for the customer to choose from, is the path to success.

I will not use this as an opportunity to plug hyperlinks or camera model numbers and I want all who read this to understand clearly……

AC Tool Supply, Inc. will continue to serve the “Green” community by carrying all available assets and all products needed and used by BPI, RESNET, HERS, and EnergyStar contractors & home inspectors and non-profit organizations alike, no matter who disagrees.

Have a Great Week and Happy Selling,

Christopher Mayes, President / CEO
AC Tool Supply, Inc.


Good for you Chris.

In the early days of the PC that venerable dinosaur IBM (now owned by the Chinese) tried to prevent retailers from selling competing computers. And both badmouthed and tried to sanction dealers who did so.

You can see how effective their tactic was.

It’s the common event when the dominant supplier in any market is challenged by upstart competitors who offer more for less. They’d rather stamp their feet in a tantrum then make a real response to honest competition.

Next tactic will probably be an appeal to their friends in Congress to outlaw their competitors much like Western Union tried with Bell telephone.

Capitalism at work…let the consumer decide what is best for them…now there is a novel idea…if only government would do the same thing and get out of our way.

Thanks Christopher…that was a breath of fresh air.