To Vent or not to Vent that is the Question!

My question is: Can you vent your gas hot water unit through your oil furnaced chimney ?
Somebody did just that about 18 years ago in my parents house and Now i’m concerned about a violation notice. location is Nassau County , new york. Anbody also know of somebody who can fix this problem and at what cost? Also: I Will be converting to gas in the spring should I go ahead and install steel liner to the current oil furnaced chimney or wait till I do the conversion. ? Are there any special tax real estate discounts for gas conversions or energy rebates? What would it run for a standard cape cod house to convert to gas on Long Island and with the varied fees attached to gas usage etc- Is Gas Heat a better cleaner cost effective choice over my old oil burner? Or should I ask my oil company to install a new burner? The burner is 75% graded , but burns alot of oil and is over 50 years old. Signed William Shattnner- Peace!

My advice is to contact 2 or more reputable HVAC technicians in your area to get an accurate detailed answer to all of your questions.

Like Chris said, contact your local professionals. I just had an on demand water heater installed and had to do a direct vent to the outside instead of through my furnace flue in my chimney. Costs lots of $$$. Call a professional.