Today the whole world is the same age


This is a special year in the world! Cheers!
Today the whole world is the same age!
Today is a very special day. There is only one chance every1,000 years.
Your age + your year of birth, every person is = 2018
It is so strange that even Chinese and foreign expertscan’t explain it!
You figure it out and see if it is 2018.
It is a thousand-year wait!


Naw! Your age plus birth year will always be the current year…
Let’s say we do this next year …We would be one year older and it would come up as 2019…
You almost caught me…:smiley:

Nice try Roy!:roll:

I know Doug!
He almost got me…Yep!

I don’t feel older either.:slight_smile:
Great post.

Does this mean I can stop shaving until tomorrow?

A demonstration of just how gullible home inspectors can be.

Yep it got me too Glad to see how most Inspectors enjoyed it as much as I did .
Worth the many chuckles ,

Thanks to all