Today was the third best day of my life: InterNACHI just topped 100,000,000 hits!

14,880,562 unique visitors performed over 100 million separate page loads:

100,000,000… That’s a lot of zeros.

… and some serious traffic.

Congratulations Nick and nachi.

One h-ell of a web site!!!

Best regards,

Gary Oleski

Hey Nick, congrats, Glad I could help…hehehe;)


Awesome and Deserved Statistic…
It was Earned…

Congratulations Nick

I’m sure 9/16/11 was one of the other great days in your life…

Congratulations, Nick.

That is huge!

yeah… that was the day you joined. I couldn’t figure out what you were talking about at first. LOL

Congrats Nick,

I’d say Chris deserves a raise. :smiley:

… and 24 hours later, we’re up another 56,000+ hits. It’s crazy.