Todays $50 inspection

Yep got paid a whole $50 for this one.

Only took me 20 minutes though
Thats $150 per hour

Damn, your good…that would have taken me at least a week.


What was your report? “Building still standing”?

What is a refi/new loan/take over inspection?

Is that your answer to the Jeopardy question of the day? :wink:

Yes and it’s my final answer for Who wants to be a millionaire :mrgreen:

So you are including report time,travel time and gas then arrive at ?

I did the same thing for R&R Donnelly at I think $85 but realized it was not worth it when they got nit picky and stopped adding travel plus parking.
Fannie Maes were $125

OK when they string 4 or 5 a day but that is not frequent and distracts from your main business.

Good for newbies though.

Now flip that picture.

Yea sorry pic is not flipped, thought this post would be a good way to stir some talk :wink:

It was a field inspection. Companies that pull consumer credit data are required to be inspected. Verify correct location of the business, office equipment, shredder, passwords on computer systems, misc security items.

Usually I get sent out to small car lots that are just starting up. This one was inside of the New Omaha First National Bank. Currently the largest building in Omaha.

Coincedentally this one has also raised questions to me about the pay scale that I have been accepting. as this is the first time since accepting these jobs that I had to pay $4 to park for a 20 minute job that paid $50.

I have been doing these inspections for about a year now and over the past 2 months debating with myself if it is worth my time and effort to continue.

Been there and done that , Believe it or not Linus turned me on to the one I mentioned and let me ask you this ?

If you took the time spent doing those and used it to work on marketing would you be better off?

Now if you do something going into places and meeting potential future clients it would be worth it ,but commercial stuff not really.

Center City Philadelphia gets me for $35 to park (first 1.5 hours) for oversized commercial vehicle on a lot (will not fit in garage).

Drive a smaller car.
You inspecting or constructing? :slight_smile:

Philadelphia Inspections require ladders (28 foot at an absolute minimum)
I drive an E-250
Add the 28 and 34 foot ladders to the rack…
No way I will fit in a 8’0 garage.

Funny thing about Philadelphia.
I can be parked between 2 Honda Civics
They pay $20
I pay $35
Same size space, but commercial vehicles pay more…

I may be better off spending that time on marketing, though I’m not sure what extra marketing would be in that time. Guess I figure as long as my van is in public view it is beneficial to me


“Parking Wars”
PPA = Philadelphia Parking Authority

I was parked on a narrow alley street in Philadelphia (2 weeks ago) with the ladder up to the roof at the curb just behind the truck. (truck protecting ladder)
Hazard Flashers on…
Ladder in clear view…
Orange cones…
While on the roof…

PPA gave me a $79 ticket for 2 wheels on the curb / illegally parked…

I take being able to haul around large large ladders for granted…

Had the same thing happen to me working for the phone company in a bucket truck for blocking the ally…lol.

Good for you! I don’t back out of my driveway for less than $150. The competition out there must be fierce. :wink: