Today's Canadian Daily Door Prize. You must be a Canadian to win. Pass if you are not

15 Canadian NACHI mousepads in the shape of the NACHI logo with mapleleaf.

Only accept this prize if you promise to give them to your local real estate agents.

Winner must be Canadian.

If I carry around multi-colored Monopoly money in my wallet…will that make me Canadian? eh?

I claim it for Roy

My sister’s best-friends brothers wifes mothers husbands adopted-son is Canadian…close enough ???

ME, ME:)

Sounds like another Italian, to me.

I know we’ve never met but that would happen to be me, thanks


You are so very welcome…ha-ha-ha-ha-ha !!!:mrgreen:

Roy wins with assist from Ken.

Ken is a Canadian? I didn’t know we had a Georgia in Canada…(8\)

Alright Roy! i know he will put them to good use.

I think it should go to the Italian guy.

No I think it should go to Darren St.Jacques
Hamilton, Ontario
As I am already giving some out to agents here in Canada. .
James might like to get some of our Canadian Dollars they are not going Down in value and soon they will be worth more then The USA $ make fun of our pretty money I understand the USA is going to do the same. . Cookie

Hey watch it my mothers Italian! :slight_smile: :wink: :slight_smile:

Hey, Thanks Roy. :wink:
I would love to get them past the OAHI mentality I keep running into around here.

I like Italian food, cars, women and wine… does that help?:wink:

I would think that all of you Italian guys do.:roll:

I’m very cosmopolitan, ya know, and I can tell what country names originate from, Mr. St. Jacques. What part of Italy are you from?

I’m just down the street off of Hwy 29.:wink:

Truth be told, Mr. Bushart, I’m British.
Born and raised in Kent, Southern England, for 16 years.
My “Mama” met a canadian from Montreal and after they were wed, moved us all to this awesome country - Canada.
Incidentally, none of my family, Dad included, speak more than 15 words of French and two words of Italian!

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