Today's Chimney

This was a first…

first two pictures were the exterior.
Noted all the problems along with potential for insect infestation

pic 3 and 4
Ivy growing thru the interior walls around the fireplace with heavy ant infestation / activity.

(When i saw the ivy around the interior fireplace, I thought it was artificial staging. When I found it was live growth thru the wall to the interior…
:shock: "

“Feed me Seymour” !!!

Honey, be careful weed-eating around the chimney, I just love the way those vines look.

Sweet!! A 'Chia’mney!


Going green is good for the ecology and the environment…

I wonder what the cost will be to clean that mess up ! You can bet there’ll be damage to the wall structure . :roll::smiley:

Contract called for Seller to have All Vegetation removed within 5 days of Signature of Contract so that Chimney could be properly viewed and inspected.

I was there Day 7
Photos are Day 7

Seller is in default of agreement.

Interesting how it will play out…

I usually do not get the follow up details…

I just Report and Advise accordingly…