Today's Daily Door Prize: $275.00 Carbon Monoxide Detector. First to reply wins!

$275 dollar prize here folks, who wants it?



Jeff wins!

Awesome win Jeff!

Member Christopher Hunt is going to drop ship this to you. It is brand new. I bought it from him. Email me your shipping address and I’ll forward it to him now.

Thanks Nick Message sent Happy Fathers Day

Nice prize! Congrats. Jeff!

Happy Fathers Day.

Nice prize

Speaking of…

I left mine at an inspection some time ago and have been meaning to replace it. Is this detector a decent one?

Nick if you have an extra I would love to have one.

Pick me…:smiley:

Dan Haney

I really need one. I would greatly appreciate it…


Dan You have to come around more often. This one is long gone.

I use a Monoxor II and I also have a Fyrite Pro both by Bacharach

They are on ebay quite often.

Check the mail Dan, it should come with an Arizona return address on it. :smiley:

I hope I win

Good morning… I hope I win…

We do too Dan. Good luck.:wink:

Deos this mean I won a detector?