Today's Daily Door Prize: $275.00 Carbon Monoxide Detector. First to reply wins!

Sadly, no. :frowning:

See posts 4 & 5

Sorry no, it means your standing at the end of the line waiting with the rest who posted in this thread after June 15th.

These things go quick. Better luck next time.

What do I need to do to register/reply for the daily door prize?

Dan Merrell

When it comes up - be first (or first 10) to reply.

me please

Rodney, It’s great that you are visiting the board.

Nick posts these “daily” door prizes at various times, sometimes several a day.

There not really daily but there is one for every day of the year.
Nick just works ahead and often posts multiple ones on a given day and then none for a long time.

Better luck next time.

Attention to detail is such an important thing, especially for home inspectors.

LOL good one

So what are you saying Doug? I didn’t win?LOL

lol, sorry buddy, I didn’t either.