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Happy Holidays to all!!

Christopher wins!

This person makes me think of a guy from Little Abner who always had a rain cloud over his head .
Mr Joe Btfsplk:
World’s most loving friend and worst jinx who always travels with a dark cloud over his head.
We always rememberd him but never his name .;

Great Light I won one about two weeks ago Power outage last night five hours and it was still burning bright .
Thanks Nick we all loved you last night,


Roy, you and I may be the only ones on this site tonight who are old enough to remember ‘Lil Abner’. Ah and then there was the ‘kick-a-poo joy juice’ !!

…and don’t forget Sadie Hawkins and Pappy and all the others in the town of Dogpatch.

Bill Mullen

I remember Lil Abner. How about Evil Eye Fleagle, he was another character, Mammy Yokum, and the Smoos? I miss the old cartoons because they were a lot more high brow than the crap in the papers today. I liked Pogo too. Sage of the Swamp. Lil Abner was the creation of Al Capp.

Pogo? How about that famous Christmas carol-
"Deck the halls with boston charley
Faller, dollar, Calliflower, Kalamazoo.
Nora’s riding on the trolley. . . . . "

( Bill, they call Lansdowne “Dog Patch” and we’re proud of it too!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: )

How about Daisy May!