Today's Daily Door Prize. Crawlspace Inspection. online, video course. First 10 win.

4 left…

More about the course:

Gotcha. Thanks

4 left…


Mario wins, 3 left.

Mario, don’t forget to email me for your coupon code to get free access.

Any left?

Marcel wins, 2 left.

Email me for the access coupon code.

I’ll Try

Ray wins, 1 left.

Ray, email me for your coupon code.

You know I will. :wink:

So this is approved for ASHI CE’s also? Are you sure?:mrgreen:

Ray… Basically we are in a state of mutal assured destruction and so they accept our courses that their members take and we accept their courses that our members take. Overall, it is best for the industry as if an inspector finds a course of value, his association should accept it for CE purposes despite the source or host being a different association.

1 left!

1 left…


I agree. Sounds good. I am looking forward to taking this course as I have never won a door prize, nor have I taken any of these online video courses yet.

Ray :smiley:

Carl wins the last one… all gone.

Winners… email me for your coupon code which will give you free access for the next 24 hours. My email is


Give mine to the next poster please.

Thanks Carl

I’ll take it if Carl doesn’t want it.

That’s fine by me Mark.

Thank you Carl.:smiley: