Today's Daily Door Prize donate by member Stephen Mark. First 5 to repy win.

Thanks Doug but to be honest I had to scroll back up to see what the prize was. :slight_smile: Hang on to it or pass again.

lol. okay

I’d like one

To my good friend Stephen, I hope you are very successfull with your new book, and touch many lives.

Now get your butt in the forums and chat once in awhile would ya! :mrgreen:

I’m starting on my second dream life.
I gave up on the first one…:slight_smile:

How about me?


:mrgreen: I’ve tried Ray, but had some technical issues. I believe they are resolved!

Any of the pickers / winners that want their copies shipped, please email me at



Sure Nick, Thanks

Right here!

Hi, I’d like one

i would like a copy of that book if still there

I never got the one I won.

Good luck on yours

Wow, I never new of this giving away stuff. I better pay attention

How od you donate prizes?

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it count.

Too late