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First member to reply wins.


How many do I have to order? :wink:

I use Bootyboots. They’re great.

Barry wins… Shiping to you now Barry.

Hey I thought Barry won the Hummer…how about sharing the wealth ???

Hey, those look useful, how long do they last? Are they more durable than those worn in Hospitals?

Come on down and you can wear the booties while chauffeuring me to my next appointment. :twisted:

These work and last well too.


Thanks Larry.

Hi Justin :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I wonder if Nick could get these in bulk?


I’ve been using a couple of sets for 5 years or so (the cheapies before that:( ) …just throw 'em in the washer once in a while and let them air dry. Homeowners love you for them. :smiley:

That is just wrong Barry…waay wrong…lol…jim

But damned generous of him! :wink:


Thanks and pass on my thanks to the Shipping Dept. :wink:
I know it’s really not mlarson :twisted:
These will come in handy as we’re expecting more rain and all of mine this week are new builds!

Here’s some beefcake for the girls :shock: :roll: :shock:


I’ve seen these at Kaplan and they’re very similar if not the same for $2.00 less at the website below. Check inside tag if it says
yours are