Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Certified NACHI Store.

First one to reply to this post with his/her name, city, state and NACHI ID# wins.

Greg Cooley
Greenville, SC
NACHI# 05042591

Greg wins!

See ya all tomorrow (or actually later today) with another great daily door prize.

Thanks Nick. We appreciate all you do!

Good job Greg! Congrats!!!

Nick want the cost of the Shut off tags and electric panel labels. I did not see them

These are a brand new product. Nick was the first person outside our company to see them and the first to get samples. I will have them up on the website later today. They are 4 color, 2 sides, uv coated, weather resistant.

Check out the web site for prices and more details.

Not there yet will look again later
No products found searching for shut off tags.

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Roy Cooke sr

Not posted yet.

Working on it this morning, rocky mountain time.

Please check back later.


Water & Gas Shut Off Tags and Electrical Panel Labels

Brand new product. Add value to every inspection you perform.

Order yours today.

I would like to but you set up will not take my order Roy Cooke sr.
It never even gets to shipping and this is what comes up . I also can not find an email address to ask questions .
Please help .

Please select the type of shipping you would like to use. In some cases there might only be a single type of shipping available.

Error: The application was unable to find any compatible shipping types.

Maybe it doesn’t have Canadian shipping set up yet?

They are having trouble getting their site to accept Canadians . I talked to them on the Phone and email looks like they will be mailing my order to me . great people going through growing pains expect it will all come out in the wash .
Roy Cooke sr .RHI. … CAHPI-ONT

Thank you for your patience. Late yesterday I discovered the problem with the web site and I believe everything is working correctly now.

Please let me know if anyone discovers another issue. We are striving to provide the best service possible.

Another thing Roy pointed out to us is that our toll-free number doesn’t work in Canada, so I will be adding our local number to the website. If there are any of our northern neighbors who have tried to call, I apologize. If you would like us to call on our dime, send us an email to and we will call you.

Again, thank you for your patience.

The first order of our brand new product shipped today!

Roy Cooke in Canada was the first person to order. Way to go Roy.

These are beautiful, full color on both sides and plastic coated.

Add an additional value added service to every inspeciton you do by marking the shut-offs for you clients.

ONLY $1.49 per inspection. Order yours today!

The first order of our

I have to admit those are the best looking tags I have seen. Are they personalized with company contact info?

I just don’t know how you guys find the time to put them out.

Sorry My first post disappeared and so did the second ???
Got Labels yesterday great service .
I put on Foil stickers with my name and Phone number for future advertising .
We in Canada use a lot of Gas but many areas the fuel of choice is oil .
If you get a large amount of orders from Canada
I wonder can you make a generic label or one with oil in place of gas .

Thanks again Roy Cooke