Today's Daily Door Prize donated by CHAIS Co.

**A portable server: **](

VALUE: $1,500.00!

First one to reply to this post with his/her name, city, state, and NACHI ID# wins.

Winner can contact CHAIS CO direct to claim prize.

Terry Simon CRI
NACHI member
6653 Grand Haven Road
Spring Lake, MI 49456
(231) 798-3398

Also, visit the CHAIS Co exclusive deal for NACHI members at:

ben kelly
921 s. crockett bend rd
rives tn 38253


Marcel Gratton
NACHI member 04011210
On The Level Inspection
368 de Rayol
Gatineau Quebec

Just in case Ben doesn’t want it.
Jim Thalmann

Close but yet so far…enjoy Ben!

Look away for 2 minutes and look what happens. Congradulations!

Michael Larson, Hudson, WI NACHI06052297

Just in case Ben, Marcel, James an Michael don’t want it. :slight_smile:

Do you know anyone that uses it?

Ben, I do… You can pass it to me if you wish :smiley:

What are the pros and cons. I believe I would rather have the cash equivalent. lol

Ben wins!

See ya all tomorrow with a great Daily Door Prize.

Nice score Ben.

Pro’s, you can use their server using the small handheld. And then you can either print or email direct. Con’s you do not have a hand held computer, and you have poor or no wifi service where you are doing the inspection. Then you have to wait until you find one.

Good Hunting


Well, I guess I have passed on the prize. Congratulations to whoever received it.

Did you contact CHAIS?

Let me know if you are passing. :wink:

Great prize

I missed it

Contacted, talked to, and never heard anything else. They were suppose to get with Nick on a resolution. I guess it went from 1,500.00 value to $0.00.

I officially pass to the first person in the thread that uses the CHAIS system. I believe that is Mark Roe. (if Possible) Anyway its all Nick’s .

Thanks, I will drop Nick a message. Nick may contact you to confirm the pass. Thanks again.

Well, if you change your mind Mark. :wink: :smiley:

(popular prize eh? :smiley: )