Today's daily door prize donated by D. Michael Green

1 NACHI Inspection Planner Book:

First member to reply wins.

Winner should email Michael to claim prize at



Wendy, you’re becoming a door prize hound like some OTHER people here.


I haven’t played in about a year. I’m trying to catch up again. :wink: :smiley: I used to get yelled at all the time so I stopped playing. :wink:

Well you can’t knock the price YOU paid for it, now, can you Wendy?

Go read the thread again. :slight_smile: I played nicey nice. :slight_smile:

I likey like.

Thank you Michael! I appreciate it greatly!

I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford it any other way really.

Wendy wins!

how ironic. i was running my mouth and was slow to the draw again.

That happened to me with the binoculars. But I got the Multimeter which is AWESOME! :smiley:

When Windy wins, we all lose! :mrgreen:

You are such an idiot Raymond. You don’t see how stupid and unprofessional you really are. Too bad you are so insecure you have to be threatened by a woman.

I bet your short and have a mustache and drive a pickup truck as well.

Something wrong with that???:frowning:



I think it’s hot?


Geez, I wish I could win the bulk of the Daily Door Prizes …

yeah wendy, how did you win so many? i thought you had dial up.

I only won three in the last six to 8 months. Yep, I do have dial up. I have a secret and I told it last year when I was playing this all the time. You might have to go back through the posts, or I might be nice and tell. :wink: