Today's daily door prize donated by Deanna... a dinner date with Dee!

First member to reply to this post wins a dinner date with Dee (in shorts at

Winner can go out to dinner with Dee at our upcoming 2008 Convention.




Greg Heidepriem
New Bavaria, oh

me please


Yea Greg!!!
I am looking forward to our date
I have been watching your NACHI TV show being edited… it looks awesome.

Hi Dee,

Just remember that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Greg’s turned into a post ho!!! :wink:

I could not have done it without your help Wendy. Thanks for sharing.

Give him a break.It is his first date.

Yes my first date at 50. I have lead a sheltered life.

I don’t have internet at home. When you win the laptop, would you mind sending it to Inspector Wendy, P.O. Box 113, Brinnon, Washington, 98320?

Thanks for being a pal. :wink: :mrgreen: