Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Hi-Port. EVERYONE WINS AGAIN TODAY!

Its early evening. We’re getting very heavy traffic for downloads. At this point in time, this NACHI exclusive door prize has saved NACHI members a total of $9,300 in software. I would love to see this go to $25,000 before the end of the promotion. I’ve extended the offer to ensure a full 24 hour accessibility to this promotion, and to ensure all continental time zones have equal chance of receiving this benefit.

Best regards,
Phil Acker, CHI
Vice President, HI-Port Systems Inc.



If you hit the link it says the promotion is over. I was not able to download it.:frowning:

Bruce, just click on the link in Nicks posting. You will be able to download the software from there. Congrats and good luck on the next round also.

I saw Nick and today’s…
so i just posted without reading the whole thing. It was good for the practice.:smiley:

HI-Port Systems originally planned a full 24 hour exposure to this promotion, ending at 11:00 am this morning to permit ample access to all time zones.

The promotion timed out as planned.

:stuck_out_tongue: To be consistent with Nick’s announcement, we are persuaded and pleased to extend the promotion until tomorrow, Thursday, to 11:00 Pacific time [2:00 Eastern time]. Please use link provided in the originating post.

Direct any questions to:

Phil Acker

I Have It

Looks Like A Good Program To Use For Contacts

Thanks For The Free Download