Today's Daily Door Prize donated by

1 presentation.

First member to reply to this post wins.

Winner should email or call 214-432-0525 to claim prize.

WOW I can’t believe I finally won something again!

Steve Wiegner

Valrico Fl 33594

Seriously nice prize Nick! Thanks! Between that and the website makeover I should be ALL good. :smiley:

Wendy wins!

Thanks again Nick. Things just weren’t right in the world not winning for weeks and weeks. :smiley: I feel better now. :wink:

Way to go Wendy… Now if you can just get it to dry out in WA :mrgreen:

I’m going to live virtually in Cyberspace Mark, so I don’t have to get wet. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I’m thinking it will be a good idea that I’m getting my mold certification in a couple weeks.:cool:

Does it come with a boat?

Very good question!