Today's Daily Door Prize donated by

First member to reply to this post wins this $595 software package:

If you win, but don’t want or need inspection software… please post “pass” so that the runner up can win it.

Winner can claim prize direct from member George Wells at


Erol wins!

Just wanted to say I won something…

Now please pass it on to the first new NACHI member who responds to this message that does not have software. If you lie you’ll be banned. :smiley:

Note: You must have under 150,000 posts to qualify.


Nick please route to Carmine. :wink:

Thank you Erol.

Your very welcome, Carmine. It’s good software - I’m just used to what I have for now.

Carmine wins with nice assist from Erol. Thanks Erol! Congrat Carmine.

We’re giving 3 more of these $595.00 packages away this week.

Congrats Carmine :wink:

did i get it.

Happy holloween everyone.


You need to make sure you have MS Office 2003 or 2007 for it to work.


I have '03