Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Keith Swift & NACHI.

3 copies of Manual for a Happy Home. Manuals will be shipped when printed next month.

First member to reply to this post wins.

Robert wins!

See ya all tomorrow with another great Daily Door Prize.

day late, dollar short


Losing your touch! :wink:

I do not think so ? I think that she is just getting to busy to keep up with it any more. I know that I have her working on getting some information for me that will keep her busy for a little while. And before it starts, KEEP you minds out of the gutter please. Thanks :slight_smile: </IMG>


AND I have a report to finish tonight and FIVE draw inspections to finish by Monday. Wow, when it rains it pours! Plus work on my own stuff.

But I like being busy. :slight_smile:

yes that

yes that is true

Is Nov. 4th the last daily door prize or is there something wrong with the way I am looking for it. I search “todays daily door prize” but always seem to be way behind.
Any help. I’ll never win this way.
Frank :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it’s way behind.

Oh my goodness. I’m going to pass Nick up for posts pretty soon. :freaked-: That’s embarassing.:oops: Is there any way my posts are getting counted more than once?:-k Does it count Private Mail? :frowning: Sigh…

Yes your posts are getting counted double because you always do this…

And then you finish here…

I don’t do that. I don’t…

know what you are talking about. :wink:

There is something weird going on…