Today's Daily Door Prize donated by member Ray Thoroman.

First member to reply gets a free premium listing on

Winner should contact Ray directly to claim prize.

did i make it

Michael wins!

Thanks Ray, Thanks Nick.
I was just reading the post and looking up his site. Sounds like a good deal.
FREE sounds even better:p

Hey Guys,

Bit of a mix up between Nick and I … there should of been 6 free premium listings total!

So the door prize is back open for the next additional 5 to respond!

This free premium listing will be good for 6 months.

To all who win, please do the following:

  1. First register here

  2. Look for the registration email, click the verify link

  3. Log into your account

  4. click

  5. Choose your state and city, then premium listing option

  6. Make sure to choose up to 3 additional cities to cross link in

  7. Fill out the form, with the Fields you choose to add

  8. Verify info - then DO NOT proceed to payment check out, just click the submit button. I WILL manually process/approve your listing with in 24 hours.

If anyone has any questions email me :slight_smile:

Ray T.

Me Me Me…?

Then add me to the list…Thanks Ray ! :smiley:

Your in Stephen & Jeffrey… 3 more!


Six! Cool…

Mark N… Steven W. you are in. Need 1 more!

Awesome Ray, Thanks! :smiley:

did i make it

You are in Frank, last one! Prize closed!

Thanks guys. Please follow instructions on post #5