Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Mike Crow.

[FONT=Arial]25 tickets to the longest-running Hypnosis Show in Las Vegas - Dr. Scott’s Outrageous Comedy Hypnosis Show. This is the comedy hypnosis show where members from the audience volunteer to be hypnotized by Dr. Scott. Think you’ve seen outrageous? A[/FONT][FONT=Arial]udience members are hypnotized to do a variety of comical things. Whether they’re lovely [/FONT][FONT=Arial]Victoria Secret Models, judges on American Idol or sexy Chippendale dancers, Dr. Scott’s [/FONT][FONT=Arial]volunteers tap into the creative side of their minds and provide a fun-filled evening. Dr. Scott [/FONT][FONT=Arial]has been practicing hypnosis for over 18 years and has been featured on Extra!, Inside Edition, The View, E! and many other popular programs throughout the world.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Any member going to the ITA show might want to go to Mike’s birthday bash at The 25 tickets are exclusive to the first 25 NACHI members who win this Daily Door Prize.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]The first members to reply to this post with their name, city, state, NACHI ID# AND THE NUMBER OF SHOW TICKETS THEY WANT wins. We will have as many winners as it takes to exhaust the 25 tickets.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Winners should contact Brad Yarbrough at to claim the tickets.[/FONT]

none, pass

More than one winner tonight, just tell us how many tickets you want. We have 25 to give away.

me? ?

Wendy, how many tickets do you want?

Wendy - you are just to fast

have to pass…

K, I’ll take some as long as everyone has a chance.

Let’s see…



Can I have 2 tickets, please - Wendy are you going?

Wendy takes 6, Michael takes 2, that leaves 19 more to win.

Keep claiming folks.

yeah, I’ll go. As long as everyone who wants some gets some. If there is someone who wants some who goes over the limit I’ll give up my tickets.


Does this include tickets to Mike’s Birthday Bash? :slight_smile:

Good question because I couldn’t afford $97 for each ticket to go, even if it is refunded.

I understand that the hypnosis is free.

Hey, I’ll jump onto that-
Reminds me of Kreskin, back in HS,1968, had us chasing “rabbits” around the auditorium at Morris Catholic HS in Denville, NJ . . .

Make it 2 (please), I’ll see if Lisa or Dee want to come along with this old codger . . .


You have to let Nick know how many tickets before you get to see the rabbits.

Make it 2 (please), I’ll see if Lisa or Dee want to come along with this old codger . . .
Russ Spriggs
NACHI # 03060502
Spirit Lake, ID

I’ll help Nick out:

Wendy 6
Mike 2
Russell 2

Still available: 15

Mike’s Birthday Bash - still waiting for update. - I’ll chekc back tomorrow, it’s past my bedtime.

i’ll take 2’ I’m game for any kind of un.