Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Mike Holt.

Electrical Formulas with Sample Calculations

First member to reply to this post wins


Anatol wins!

my address should be on file.

Are we no longer required to post our information
and NACHI number as instructed when the Daily
door prize first started?

John, correct. We did away with that requirement as we only allow members to win anyway.

You see Nick… I’m really having trouble with this
Daily Door prize thingy…:frowning:

I have won two prizes and had to give them both away.

I won a free CMI prize (no-fee), but had to give it away
because I was already a CMI at that time. That was
worth several hundred dollars…:mad:

I also won a free date with Diana (remember that), but
had to give her away so that my wife would not kill me.
The loss of Diana (spelling?) was like loosing several
thousand dollars…:shock:

Now, I can’t win anymore…

But, alas… I am still alive… :mrgreen:

Why can’t you win anymore?

I won the CMI thingy and had to give it away too John because even though I have the same qualifications as at least one CMI, I wasn’t allowed to use it.

I was bummed about that too.

Hang in there Wendy. If you do it the right way,
you will develop the character that goes with it.
Sneaks and cheats always loose in the end.

You know what…? I should have sold Diana
instead of giving her away… wow… what a waste.! :shock: