Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.

1 Eddie Bower Personal Alarm with Safey Light. 100-decibel siren for when the dog starts chasing you on an inspection… and a few other various door prizes.

First member to reply to this post wins.

Now I need a dog!


Thomas wins!

I’m very educational door prized motivated, but since I kept missing so many, I had to jump on this one just for principle. So, is there going to be a door prize for a dog? :wink:


I’ll throw in some Mike Holt educational products.



DANG! Look at you! Congratulations! :slight_smile:

A doggy door would be perfect Tom.

Wow this is out of left field, you first post for me? I’m honored. :wink:


Wooo Hoooo!

Now since I’m not a hot shot at winning these door prizes, I thought I would both thank Nick Gromicko/NACHI for the great prizes I found and to make some of you jealous. :wink:

Got my Personal Alarm (its even got a compass in it, great for mountain biking), a few Holt books on electricity (yeah I’m a geek, I like reading), and the real surprise. A genuine NACHI Microwave Checker. Yup, don’t be haters, I got a real NACHI Microwave Tester. So there!




Hey Nick, I think you should share your personal favorite equipment for dealing with dogs…


How on earth should we inspect a doggy door???

(I’m just kiddin’)