Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.

A cool stereo:

First one to reply to this post with his/her name, city, state and NACHI ID# wins!


Wendy wins.

See ya all tomorrow with another great Daily Door Prize.

cool! these daily prizes are great.

OK Wendy, how do you do it - you’re the Queen of the Door Prize - every few days I’m able to be online . . . but you are the Queen!!

Would it be better if everyone knew? Then we’d all be on even ground. I do have a secret, but it only works if I’m online when Nick shakes it up. I just happened to still be online this morning, I was going to leave but I didn’t.

I missed a bunch of them the last week. I was totally off my game and Nick was making it alot harder.

If we all know the secret to doing this (it takes a little work) then it will just be a horse race.


If you set up a store on ebay, I will buy some of the
prizes from you. :shock:


Can’t you just make Nick your only buddy?

Wendy - I think it’s great that you’ve won! you deserve all the prizes! . . . with that said, NO, I don’t want to know your sercet . . . it helps me to want to try and figure more out on this website . . . so much good information and good folks to help out . . . keep up winning!

Sounds complex and alot more work than how I’m doing it. :wink:

Nick can always be my buddy though. :smiley:

Thank you!!!

You are a true gentleman. :slight_smile:

Wendy, is that a close up of a horses head? It almost looks like an upside down photo of knot on a tree trunk. It has been bugging me for a while now. Good Photo, but I need to see the zoomed out version. What’s it’s (don’t know Male or Female) name?

how about one win per person per month

Hi Jason,

It’s a horse’s eye demonstrating the liquid nature of the arabian horse’s eye. the depth and intelligence.

Sorry it was bugging you. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I knew it had something to do with Arabian’s. I took care of a prize winning Arabian show horse for an ex-girlfriend of mine father for a week. (Lots of trust on his behalf, he did know me for over 15 years though. I had only been near a horse at that time less than 5 times in my 26 years.) He trusted me more then his own daughter.:wink:

** I have been called a city boy, but I could show-up any 4H kid at any fair. ** :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Awesome! Arabians are just the most wonderful horse out there (my personal opinion). Many people don’t understand them because they treat them like any other horse, however they are far too intelligent for that.

I’m a total country girl at heart. I’m happiest out here for sure!

That’s right. Arabian horses are ground up into the higher priced dog food. In fact…I’m eating some right now…(slurp)…hhhmmmmmm


Thank God legislation is being heard right now to prevent crap like that.

Actually, Arabian horse tastes a lot like a Spotted Owl but not as gamey…(burp)…