Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Nick Gromicko and ITA.

Attending the ITA Expo in Vegas?

Then you are eligible to win ALL YOU CAN EAT WITH NICK (3 days)!

First member who is attending and replies to this post with his/her name, city, state and NACHI ID# can eat as many meals as he/she chooses with me (Nick), no charge.

Believe me… I eat good too!

me??? Ooops, can’t make it

Tom Clement

I will send you some doggy bags and you can mail them
back to me Nick… smile

I pass.

Thomas, are you going to the ITA Expo in Vegas next month?


I spoke with an Inspector a few days ago that will be attending.

If Tom is not attending the ITA EXPO, I will forward you the Other Inspector’s contact info.

I"m going if no one else is.

Technically, if Tom can’t go, Joe Hagarty wins and if Joe can’t go Wendy wins… waiting.

Nick, Is this a $4.99 buffet downtown or maybe Postrios in the Venetian?

BTW Nick, since you have unlimited passes now, you can sign me up for some big chunks of time monitoring the booths if you like.

Hopefully that will give everyone a chance for breaks.


I will not be attending.

I am currently scheduled for the HMA Convention in Honolulu, HI in November.

I will pass on to Wendy if she is willing to attend the ITA Convention in Las Vegas.

Congrats Wendy…

Thank you soooo much Joseph!!! You have really made my day today! More than you know, and not just the convention. :slight_smile: Thank you.

Tom, hopefully you can use this prize, but I wanted to point out for future so you don’t run into problems that you don’t have the city in your siggy line. So I don’t want you to miss out on something big.


Like this

We have to wait to hear from Tom.

see above

Nick says he’s already got a feedbag ready for this horse -

Russ Spriggs
NACHI # 03060502
Spirit Lake, ID

Uh Russ? Wrong barn. :wink:

I was reminded by my wife that I can not be in Vegas. I need to attend the last property management calss for the year in Missoula. Her partner is going to have a baby and they need me to get my property management license. So I will have to pass, and miss out on all those $5.95 buffets damn. Have fun Joe or Wendy.