Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Palm-Tech.

First one to reply to this post with his/her name, city, state and NACHI ID# wins.


Wendy Forsyth
Brinnon,Washington 98320

shouldn’t have waited…did it to me again…Wendy…Congrats!!!
Mesa Co.

Oh Jim! :frowning: Thanks though!

I’m sorry. I feel like I’m always stealing your prize.

Although it’s pretty neat. Now I have the photoshop software, the insertion package, now all I need is the inspection software package for my PDA and I’ll be set! :slight_smile:

Wendy try showing Keith Swift a photo of you in that bikini maybe he will send you a copy of his software that works on a PDA

Hey nick…mix it up a bit…keep these guys awake all nite waiting…they are like vultures :wink:

:roll: How can i get into this game:neutral:
Quality Home Detective LLC
Victor Rivera Jr
349 Laurel Dr
Berea , Ohio 44017


When you see NICK post a topic of Door Prize…be the first to REPLY using the following:


Hey Keith!!!

(That may just be possible when I get my Corel PhotoAlbum in the mail! I’ll just attach a pic of my head to Eva Longoria’s body. :smiley: )

You know it’s funny. Both times I won I was doing something completely different and logged on and there it was. Threw me into a completely panic that I wouldn’t be able to hit the post button fast enough, LOL! :mrgreen:

That’s Great Wendy…I already use Palm-Tech inspector, Inspection designer, and Photo album, I was hoping for some help getting the Palm-Tech Front Office. That’s the only one I need.
To TONY: Vultures???.. FYI…I work from 6:00 AM to about 2:00 AM. Inspecting in the morning and studying into the night…sorry to give you the wrong impression…don’t think I have the time to act like a “Vulture”.
Ever seen one of those ‘dispicable creatures’??? Up close and personnal?? “Not even a close comparison”…'Course though I guess some Home-owners think I approach their home in that manner.
You never know when Nick will post…
Gottta get to work…“Have a Great Day”!!!

Hi Jim,

I would love to have Palm-Tech Inspector. I guess then I’d probably want designer and front office. But would be happy with software I can use on my PDA as it sits there rather lonely and useless most of the time. :wink:

Geesh Jim…don’t take it so hard.

I haven’t looked…but it appears that Nick has it set to auto post at or around midnite…while the rest of us are sleeping after working our 12-16 hour day…

No, Nick is actually online at those times. It’s been 2am to 3am sometimes my time.

Some of us work all day and then still don’t sleep at night because we’re marketing or studying all night.

Wish I could sleep.

I went to bed at 1:30 or so a.m. Woke up at 5:30a.m. and am going to be working 9-2 washing dishes at the local restaurant, driving 45min. to an inspection, and then working the local ice cream social for my local republican.

Then come home, spend some kid time and clean the house, put them to bed, and start studying all over again and get about 3-4 hours of sleep.

You know me. I’m just the local vulture.:roll:

Marketing at 2-3am…NICE, I gotta try that. You think someone might be a little ticked off if I start cold calling at that time…HEHE

Okay, that’s not quite what I meant. :slight_smile:

Brochure designing, web, etc…


Tony, Wendy is correct, I do not have them set to auto-post. And as for you working 12 hours today… here is what I did…

Thursday night I worked graveyard shift at NACHI, drove to Boulder at 8am Friday, picked up Krystal, drove 7.5 hours to Ogden Utah, did a talk with a local REALTOR at our Utah Chapter, met with Krystal and Doug from PRO-Lab till midnight, answered emails till 2am Saturday morning, got 3 hours sleep, posted stuff starting 5am this morning, went downstairs to the classroom of the hotel and helped Krystal and Doug set up for their 1-day mold class, drove 7.5 hours back to Colorado to post this. That is a 48 hour day less 3 hours sleep and I’m not done tonight. Type A all the way!


You and me both Nick. I’m a total Type A personality. If I sit down I start to get nervous. I even get nervous sitting and posting. I feel like I should be up doing something. :slight_smile: