Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Palm-Tech.

First one to reply to this post with his/her name, city, state, and NACHI ID# wins.


Michael Larson, Hudson, WI NACHI06052297

You guys are goooooooood

You know that fish avatar is killing me Jaime.:smiley:

Wasn’t supposed to be home tonight but plans changed.
Looks like Jamie got it. Congratulations Jamie.

Michael,looks like it was by seconds only. Thanks
Brian, I may have go to fishing this weekend-before the snow falls.:slight_smile: we can tell some fishing stories in vegas!

Congrats Jamie!!! Great job girlfriend! :smiley:

Wow. I haven’t won anything for a week now. :slight_smile:

Jamie wins.

See ya all tomorrow with another great Daily Door Prize.

Ryan Diehl 06091291