Today's Daily Door Prize donated by REWCI.

One Ultimate Ladder (either new or refurbished):

Prize value: about $300!

First one to reply to this post wins.

Winner can claim prize from REWCI by emailing George Karonis at

No one wants it?

Richard CantrellContact:E-Mail Richard CantrellNACHI ID:NACHI05071490City: AndersonState/Province: SCCountryUSA

Richard wins!

Nice prize.

I will take one!!

I might be able to get a bunch more. We’re working on it.

I did land a bunch of military surplus ladders (brand new), but I have to ship them back to the states.

Cool!! thats a good door prize! I just got my knife in the mail the other day! I like it. Thanks

Yeah, the knives were a small prize, but they are pretty nice.

Tom Rausch and I are working on and additional prize game where we ask an inspection related question and the first one to give the right answer wins a which is a pretty nice prize.

We got a couple cases in last week, we just have to get the game going.

Hey, Im game for some big prizes!! What are the military surplus ladders?

I got a hold of a ton of military surplus stuff, all new, but I have to sort through it all to determine what stuff is useful to inspectors and what stuff makes economic sense to ship home.

If you do have more ladders later, please sign me up for one. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey that would be cool…

If we show up at the inspection wearing camo, combat
gear, ski mask and an assault rifle… that should take care of any
complaints from the Realtors…:mrgreen:

Ought to go along ways towards keeping the pests away also! :wink: