Today's daily door prize donated by Show Me How Videos.

1 Thermal Imaging Inspection training video…7fdbbf7a84269d

First one to reply to this post wins.



Thats 3 before I can even Load the page.

Pass to Jason Sieg

Ryan…good man.

I wanted this video a couple of months ago and went ahead and bought it. I cant use it now. So, enjoy Jason.

Jason wins with help from Ryan

Thanks Ryan!! :wink:

Please understand I was not complaining though. I was just pointing out that this is hard. :shock:

I have won two or three times in the past year but, I happened to be on at the right time.

Thanks again!!!

Dee your right on top of things arn’t ya. :cool:

I am entering this one for the knowledge of thermal imaging

Bout a month late there, big guy.:wink:

why is it that everyone replys on the day you post but it should be on the day that is posted for?

Nick sometimes gets behind or gets ahead of himself.

He posts them so that there are at least 365 door prizes.
Equal to one door prize a day, Not one door prize post each day.

When he starts posting them, he normally posts from 3 to 5, one right after the other.

Need to be quick to win.

Congrats Jason!!!

Thanks to all NACHI members for trying.