Today's Daily Door Prize. First 10 members to reply to this post win.

2 left…

This is fun to watch. So many people have been made fun of because they can’t count to 10, now they are afraid to post when there are still prizes to be won! :smiley:

What’s going to be even more fun is to watch all the people who post over the next couple of days. ;-):mrgreen:

These are real silver folks.

2 left to go…

im in

Richard wins, 1 left.

I wonder what the record is for the number of times someone posts, in a first 10 to post wins thread (before they are all won!)

People aren’t paying attention to the New Posts at all. :wink:

They sure are hard to give away this morning.

1 left folks, who wants it?

The thread is 30 minutes old. Come on guys. Still one left!

Come on guys, I’m getting tired of hitting refresh.

Hello? Anyone want the last one?

Me Me

1 still left.

Finally! Bill gets the last one. All gone folks. Wow, that was like pulling teeth, and I’m not a dentist.

I will take it, thanks!

Oops, too late.

Wow! Wonder how many more will post now that all have been won!:mrgreen:

Winning twice in the same thread isnt allowed?? :slight_smile:

I cant believe ppl havnt jumped on this

Good post Nick.