Today's Daily Door Prize. First 10 members to reply to this post wins.

me me

Bill wins the last one. All gone. Thanks guys!

Here in Ontario, it is only 4:27 pm. The timing is all off Nick.
Can I also have some cheese with this wine, please?:wink:

Thanks Nick—:smiley:

But there is good news, anyone who posts after the 10 have already replied get this lovely door prize.

Why I cannot count to 10

Courtesy of the Shipping Department

Dear Shipping Dept,

Is it too late to reply to this one??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to your response,
Ab E. Normal


Oh my Jeff…you really stumped me with that one----:shock:

I did not work in the shipping department last year, I worked at 7-11—:shock:

But—Nonetheless, Michael Larson and Myself will be sending you:


:shock:Why I cannot count to 10:shock:](

Pass !!!

Ha-ha-ha-ha !!!

Me Me

What? You’re admitting you can’t count to ten?:roll:

Book on the way that should help;-)

I am in…
Is it stil open?


Hi nick. I’ll take one.
Thank you very much.
Keep up the great work.