Today's daily door prize. First 12 to reply win.

6 LED aluminum flashlight with built-in ratcheting screwdriver and 10 screwdriver bits.

First 12 to reply win.

Roy Cooke

Stephen Schroetke:D

Zane Froehlich

Jim Bushart

Thank you

Mike Larson

How about me!
Might I add, I JUST renewed, now into my 4th year. Havnt looked back. :slight_smile:

John McKenna

Thanks Nick !

Thank you…

Thanks Nick once again.:slight_smile:

Roy and Stephen win, 10 more available.

Christian Mettel

Zane and Jim win. 8 more.

Mike Meeker. Thanks Nick

I’ll take that offer too!
Send to #1 110 Breton Rd
Sault Ste Marie On
P6B 1B1:D

Thank you, Nick.

Would love it! Been a interesting week!

Winners are:

  1. Roy Cooke
  2. Stephen Schroetke
  3. Zane Froehlich
  4. Jim Bushart
  5. Mike Larson
  6. Michael Roberson
  7. John McKenna
  8. James F. McKee
  9. Larry D. Cage
  10. Marcel R. Cyr
  11. Christian Mettel
  12. Mike Meeker

Thanks to everyone who entered. For those who were too late sorry and better luck next time. Winners will be receiving their prize within the next few days.

Nick is that a single tool? Sounds interesting. Wheew…I made it by the hair of my chinnie chin chin.