Today's Daily Door Prize. First 2 to reply win!

Winners get:

Compliments of


meee (oops…pass. I have one. Excellent book).

Thank you, even if I dont win

I’ll take it

or not…

so close

but yet so far!

James McKee wins.
Terry Clayton wins with assist from Jim Bushart.


thanks Nick…I’m looking forward to the book…jim

Thanks for the assist Jim

My pleasure. Enjoy the book. I think you’ll be surprised at the quality.

Dang, too slow.

As a certified WDI inspector I can say that that book would sure come in handy!

Too bad I was “alseep at the wheel” when this was posted ! #-o

DaRon Webb

So was Mr. Webb.

But our Rosetta Stone CD is on it’s way…!!!

“So you think you can Dance”

Brain Surgery
Screen Door Repair
Renowned Author: Flashless Stucco
Renowned Author: Flashless Windows
Rosetta Stone: Authorized CD Distributor

Oh Ma Gawd!#-o

Here we go again! ](*,)