Today's Daily Door Prize! First Member to Reply Wins!

First member to reply gets this:…-t-shirts.aspx

*Please provide your size (M,L,XL,2XL,3XL)
I will ship to the address provided in your member profile, unless specified.

jeff, thx

(too bad not avail in ‘tall’ sizes, so 3x plz)

Thanks Jeff Jonas! Your new shirt will be sent to you!

Ah, I missed it, by one

plus 5 days :smiley:

George Graham
Calgary Alberta

More people for Dale’s “YOU CAN READ” & “YOU CAN COUNT” compact discs!

Thanks Erby…I wrote the names down, they will be placed at the back of the Pile in my Shipping-Receiving warehouse office.

The Rosetta Stone CD’s are out of stock…we bought her out, she wrote me back asking if I was an elementary school teacher, if so, she could cut me a deal on the English and Counting CD’s…I said I certainly was…and I’d take any discount she’d provide…I figured I will be shipping about 2000 Cd’s in the next couple weeks if Nick keeps up the “First Who ever that reply” crap—:stuck_out_tongue: