Today's Daily Door Prize. First to reply wins.

4 mold test kits, a radon test kit, and a lead surface test kit.


Christopher wins!

Cool! Thanks Nick

Nick I would like to win one of these door prizes but I am always too late, what the best way to win?

Be very very FAST! :smiley:

Try being here more. :slight_smile:

But this one is done. :mrgreen:

Don’t do any inspections, hang out here, you’ll win a door prize, but you might not be able to eat it if you get hungry hanging out here----:smiley:

Hey Dale he might want to bring a sack lunch, and a suit case just incase he has to wait a couple extra days…lol

Trevor That’s the key answer you need to be fast…and with football season just starting, look for games that Nick comes up with, with scores and touch down plays…you might get your chance to win…“maybe”

am i too late?
Guess I am…


but you can in this thread

any left

Bill, considering that Nick started the thread on August 6th, I’d say they were all taken. :smiley: