Today's door prize: Free premium listing on American Home Inspector Directory.

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First one to reply wins a free premium listing!

To Claim Prize:

  1. Go to American Home Inspector Directory and create a profile here: then verify your profile via email link.
  2. Login to your account and click on Submit Home Inspector Membership Application.
  3. Click on the Sign up Now button under Platinum Membership.
  4. Fill out the form and click continue.
  5. Stop, do not enter any payment information.
  6. We will approve their membership within 24 hrs.

Mike Plank

First to reply wins!


Ok, since no one else want it… :o)


Mark wins!

Actually I’ll pass this to Darin, these are the same folks who called me about a week ago. When I told them I wasn’t interested in their “free” two week web page, and that I wasn’t going to pay for it regardless afterwords…hung up on me without so much as a good bye.

Darin wins with assist from Mark.

Thanks Mark!

Congrats to Darin,

Your membership is complete and your listing is now up and live. State page: California Home Inspections

Fulll Page: Housecall Property Inspections

Thanks Mike. What about Mark’s complaint?

Hi Mark,
There must be some mistake. We don’t call inspectors and offer free listings. I see that you are located in Missouri. We currently don’t have a home inspector in MO. When this is the case and we get home inspection request for anywhere in that State we will find a home inspector in the area and forward the inspection request to them. There are no strings attached to this we just ask the inspector follow up with this potential client. Did we send you a free home inspection request?

No you did not…

I certainly could be mistaken in the presumption it was your company. You know how “sales” calls can be. If so I apologize.

Let’s just say that someone from a company similar to yours called me the other day offering a “free premium” membership that included a free website with SEO. There were “no strings attached” and if I wished to continue the service after two weeks it would be ??? (don’t recall) so much per month. When I told them they didn’t need my credit card because I wouldn’t be subscribing regardless, they hung up on me.


How long is this premium listing free, or, better stated, when can I expect the pitch call :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I can understand why you would be upset. We would and have never done anything like that. Thanks for your reply.


Your membership is good for one year. No pitch at the end. You will receive a few automated email reminders to renew 30 days before your year is up.

Excellent. Anyway to track visitor counts on your site?

Yes & No,

Site wide nothing is visible. We do use Google Analytics and receive between 200 and 700 unique visitors a day. Saturdays and Sundays are always slow.

For your Membership Yes,
When you are logged into your user control panel click on Edit Your Current Listing
You will see a sample of what your listing with your personal tracking information.

This is an actual sample of one of our members.

Views: 916 (How many time your listing has been seen)
Leads: 21 (How many email/text messaging leads have been sent to you)
Visits: 124 (How many visitors have clicked on your website link)