Today's door prize: Free premium listing on American Home Inspector Directory.

More information about American Home Inspector Directory.

First one to reply wins a free premium listing!

To Claim Prize:

  1. Go to American Home Inspector Directory and create a profile here: then verify your profile via email link.
  2. Login to your account and click on Submit Home Inspector Membership Application.
  3. Click on the Sign up Now button under Platinum Membership.
  4. Fill out the form and click continue.
  5. Stop, do not enter any payment information.
  6. We will approve their membership within 24 hrs.

Mike Plank

First to reply wins.

I pass.


How about me

I’m too late

:(Damn missed it again

I knew I should have stayed up later:D

Thanks Nick… submitted per post #1.

too late :wink:

Congrats Jeffrey,

You still need to claim your free years membership and listing. Follow the instructions in this thread from Nick and let me know.