Today's Electrical Hazard

Anyone for a swim?


What a dope.

Every electrician knows you don’t float a receptacle in a pool with a pair of sandals that are less than 11 1/2’s. Geez.

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry or . . .

I think they (all 4 of them) had 1 toooooo many . . . this is something from a crazy cartoon!

Hold my beer and watch this…

Perfectly safe if it’s GFCI.

I hate to add the fuel in the fire but I don’t know if you know Joe T. he did show us the photo and IIRC he did make a veido of the hair dryer in the sink and still running and the GFCI did not trip. :ack:

If Joe T is reading this can he post the link or a photo of this??

I know it was in one of the forum but i don’t rember which one it was.

Anyway back to the topic real quick what you see the repectale strip in the water that is the european verison of what we have here and by the way their voltage is 240 volts line to neutral and yes all the outside repectale are RCD [GFCI] and that photo been really widespreaded allover the internet and it did show up alot of forums.

Merci, Marc

It is also widely agreed that the whole thing was staged. I know I am in agreement with that.