Today's Email

Dear Inspector:

We would like to add your company to, the only online directory of Chinese drywall inspectors, however, before we can do so, we need verification that you do indeed offer inspections for Chinese drywall and we also need to know what county you primarily serve. Of course, if you would prefer not to be included in our directory, please let us know that as well. is brought to you by the creators of, the most frequently visited website dedicated to educating the public about Chinese drywall. We are confident you will see an increase in your business as a result of this free listing.

In about 30 days, we will send you an e-mail offering you the opportunity to continue your listing by participating in our fee based directory. We have an introductory offer of $99 per month for each county. Note, there are only 5 listings per county and we are taking listings on a first come, first serve basis.
Through the end of this month, we are also offering ads on for $198 per month for a single county of your choice. An ad on the Home page is $600. All ads are month to month.
We also have limited ad space available on, which is currently the first result on Google and Yahoo when searching for chinese drywall. Ads start at $250 and go to $1,000 for a banner.
Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.


Chinese Drywall Marketing, LLC

Time’s a wastin’…

Ah, the Great (Dry) Wall of China. :smiley:

Dear Chinese

Thank you for sending an email to my fee based server. Since you are not a Paying customer, your host will now be billed $237.49 for this email. If we should continue to do business, I will consider waiving this fee. Of course you must have something relevant to sell me for me to do business with you. I look forward to your email in 30 days, as well as any follow ups you may have.

So if the lawyer’s do not make any money off of client’s for the law suits they’ll make it off the inspector’s willing to sign up for this listing.

I’m signing up right now. Yeah right!

I asked myself who would be stupid enough to sign up for this and low and behold, in Broward and Dade Counties there are about ten inspectors listed.


Adding to the saga, I received this email today.


I saw your posting on the Internachi message board and I felt compelled to write. Your criticism of the website providing listings for us with regard to chinese drywall is shortsighted. I am listed and I personally have seen an increase in business, for the drywall and other matters, and I have heard similar things from friends. In these tough times it may behoove you to be a bit more open minded.


It appears that the people running the site are checking out the message board.