Today's Hearing....Mo HB 2057

Gotta tell you…the BS was flying as if someone fed Ex-Lax to every bull in the cattle truck. Democracy at its finest.

The bill’s author, Mike Parson ® of Bolivar, greeted each and every one of his 20 supporters (12 RE salesmen, 1 lobbyist, and 7 home inspectors). The six of us who showed up to oppose the bill sat quietly among them as they exchanged handshakes, best wishes and winks.

With the rap of the gavel, the games began.

Parson informed the committee that he had revised his bill and has gone from a five member to 7 member board and raised the criteria for board membership. He also said he raised the criteria for eligibility to mentor apprentices to which the ASHI presidents smiled and exchanged knowing glances.

Then, with an alloted 35 minutes to speak in favor of his bill…30 minutes were taken by three real estate salesmen and their lobbyist. Their mantra was that home inspectors needed to be held accountable for their mistakes.

When questioned, neither the lobbyist or any of the salesmen could say how many “mistakes” they were talking about over any given period of time. They just knew that there were “mistakes” and that licensing would solve that problem.

Five of the remaining ASHI members were given one minute each.

Of special note was the St. Louis Chapter ASHI President, Harry Morrell, who just this Tuesday lamented to his members that none of their recommended wording was added to change the bill----yet he gave his highest endorsement and support for this much needed legislation. He sat alone…while the members of his association remained in St. Louis probably oblivious to the fact that they were being misrepresented as being in support of HB 2057.

Then, the opponents of the bill spoke.

Mark Adams, president of MAREI, went first and provided the legislators with data from the study done by the OHIO Real Estatate Commission that showed how licensing failed to increase the level of competency in home inspectors in any state adopting it.

He elaborated on the way the bill would put many part time inspectors out of business (which an earlier ASHI president explained was necessary for “anyone doing only 50 inspections per year cannot be qualified” according to him) and a representative on the committee interrupted him.

“I don’t see why home inspectors are objecting,” he said. “This bill, as I read it, is voluntary. If you want a license, you do what it takes to be licensed and if you do not want to be licensed…like the rural inspectors who do much fewer inspections than the city inspectors…you don’t have to be.”

Rep Parson jumped from his seat and ran to the back of the room to discuss something with a person in the back while another representative (Mr. Dougherty, who opposes HI licensing) put him on the spot…“What is it, Mr. Parson? Is your bill voluntary licensing or does it put people out of business?”

After about a five minute discussion, Parson slinked back to his seat and said “I may need to put more clear language in it, but as it is intended, it is not voluntary.”

“I see. Then your bill would put these rural inspectors out of business and favor the city inspectors who would drive out…for an even higher fee…and perform this service in their place. Thank you, sir.” laughed Rep. Dougherty.

About four more had the opportunity to speak, including myself, when Rep Wilson came in to present his alternative to HB 2057 (which the ASHI Presidentes loudly protested from their seats) which is a registration bill that provides none of the conflicts of interests or controversies presented in Parson’s bill.

The session ended. James Braun and I went to grab a quick bite to eat and both felt that those who came today expecting a “slam dunk” approval for a home inspection licensing bill left quite disappointed.

While there is a possibility of a few “behind the scenes” shennanigans where this bill could be attached to one more popular and pushed through the back door to the Senate…it seems unlikely that we will be seeing anything in Missouri this year.

Still, we remain on guard and ready to fight the bill just as hard in the Senate if we have to.

There is a lot of money and greed behind it and greedy people with money (and more money at stake) should not be underestimated.

Thanks James glad you where there to add your thoughts and Ideas .
I do hope things work out for the best.
Roy Cooke

Thank you, Roy.

At this juncture, it appears that it will.

Those pushing for licensing and who are writing these bills are very elaborate in the wording that adds dollars to their own pockets…but remain elusive and vague when answering questions aimed at determining the “need” for it.

If they were honest, they would simply point out the fact that HB 2057 provides home inspectors with the ability to earn money from other home inspectors…and gives RE salesmen an official means of challenging the license of one who kills their deal.

But honesty will not get them a bill signed in to law. So, they stammer and stutter things about “consumers” and “protection” and “mistakes” without anything to back them up.

I almost (emphasize “almost”) felt sorry for them, today. It was not a good day for them, publicly.

Victory for them, this year, will have to come through the back door.

It was amazing how many lies was told by the ones favoring the bill.
When Sam Licklier (MAR lobbyist), I do not remember his last name very well but it sounds about right, was put on the spot about a Realtor being on the board in last year’s bill; he lied through his teeth and said that he did not know about this until he started to hear complaints and then had this part of the bill removed immediately. I personally complained to him in front of the Missouri Housing Industry Alliance meetings I know for at least six months.

Mr. Parsons stated that home inspectors, especially in the Jefferson City area advertises themselves as licensed in the phone book. Which is not true. There is no home inspectors in the Jefferson City phone book that advertise themselves as licensed home inspectors. There is a big difference between a licensed home inspector and a licensed sewer and termite inspector.

The funny part is the A$HI good old boys would not even mention NACHI when they talked about national home inspections organizations. They had plenty of opportunities. They kind of remind me of a bug that has fallen off a cattail into the water. Most bugs recognize the fact there is fish in these waters and quickly make it to shore. But A$HI bugs do not recognize the fish, so they stay out in the water and get eaten.

Thanks James and James, it was fun reading this…I’m sure many appreciate your efforts.

Oh, I fought to mention that the Missouri Association of Realtors are the ones shacking the cattails and watching the bugs get devours.

Good, no, let me clarify, GREAT job, Jim.

Keep them honest and keep their feet to the fire!

While I disagree with you about licensing, in general, it is VERY clear that these people have agendas, behind the scenes workings and just plain shinanigans going on. No honest and fair licensing law can come from such sillyness.

Fight their sorry butts. Shine the bright light and let the cockroaches scatter.

My hat is off to you.

You did good. :smiley:

(btw: Aren’t you glad I don’ “ignore” you all the time ?

Thank you, Will.

We had hoped for a better turnout for the opposition but, apparently, we didn’t really need it. All of the west-Missouri crusaders were bitterly engaged in the Kansas bill that has been passed by the house and is in the senate. This bill actually places a real estate salesman on their five member board and grants a $10,000 level of liability for each inspection (which the trial lawyers have been promised will be raised to $100,000 at next year’s session).

I just received an email regarding the past ASHI president of the St. Louis Chapter who…today…represented himself to the Missouri Legislature as the President of the Chapter, representing its members in support of HB 2057.

It appears that he was actually challenged at the ASHI meeting last Tuesday by the members…and assured them that it was the real estate salesmen, not ASHI…who was pushing this bill. The news that he appeared at today’s meeting representing their support has several of them quite upset.

One of the Missouri congressmen who met with a group of the opponents to the bill explained to us why these board seats are important and are often added to these bills. He said that, although they only pay $75 per day to a member, they cover travel expenses, lodging and meals to meetings that are held at very fine hotels throughout the state. He said that the boards are also allowed to require training for its members, at the expense of the inspectors who pay for licensing fees, that could be conducted anywhere in the country. Their training fees, travel, lodging and meals are also covered.

To reward the leaders of these associations to support their bill, according to this congressman, they are offered seats on this board.

I would like to congratulate James Bushart & James Braun for an exceptional job that they did at the Commisioners meeting. I wish I was there with you and the other members that were present at the meeting. Unfortunatlly I was In Veags taking my Level-1 course with ITC.

Once again Great Job

Aram Sargisian
President of Central Missouri Chapter of InterNachi


Keep them in line…Good Job!!

Mantra: “Home inspectors need to be held accountable for their mistakes” What a crock, when will the same be said about real estate agents??!!

Having bought and sold many “investment” houses since 1976, I can assure you that most agents don’t know beans about their business, and if I had not stayed on top of things, I would have taken it in the shorts on many an occasion. I was so PO’D at one agent (and her broker) I with held their commission in escrow for 2 months until they finally admitted they made a mistake, and paid for it. The revenge was worth more than the money!!!

In all the years of real estate dealing I have found only 2 agents that really know their stuff, and they follow through with each transaction as if it were their own. And these agents are the only ones I will deal with.

My point is, that I think the Real Estate industry ought to concentrate on cleaning their own house first. When it is sparkling clean, then, and only then can they ridicule my house.

Best of luck. Keep at it, eventually the good guys will win!!!