Today's inspection from 1897

They wanted me to tell them whether it was worth saving. When I first arrived I wondered why they bothered to call me.
It turned out that 90% of the damage was to a porch (2 sides) and kitchen which had been added at a later date, and although they were history, the porch and kitchen had done a great deal to protect the original structure. Owners were happy to tear off the paorch and kitchen anyway. Corrugated metal can hold up a long time and all framing and most sheathing were of sound wood. The foundation was rocks that stuck up out of the ground, some of which sere posted up to very basic girders, but they were out of soil and had done their job.
These people were thrilled to hear that this historic miners cabin was worth saving can be turned into a artist’s studio. It’ll take a lot of work but it’s a family project.

Ted Kaczynski is getting out?

Love Shack B 52`s

Ma and Pa Kettle homestead?

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