Todays Inspection I think a upgrade may be needed

This was fun What do you guys think100_5404.jpg


What size of a building was that servicing?

1500 :shock: foot single dwelling lol

Reminds me of a song…

“The shin bone’s connected to the kneeee bone. The knee bone’s connected to the thighhh bone…”

Ticking TimeBomb waiting to happen…gotta love the combustible material directly under the panel with the scorched cover.

Wayne, did you open all the covers?

There are just a few green fuses…:roll:…it’s either that or pennies, right? :shock:

Sure he did…why not since they are not Zinsco’s…lol…sorry I could not resist.

Gotta love the “I” lec-trick-al specials :D.

Enjoy these… from my last HI.
Do you think these are DIY’er:D:D 60 amp service to 100 Amp main breaker…:-k

Yep i did lol Ijust wanted to see what was up, that was really a mess . i forgot there was one more Sub panel out of the the picture lol

The magazines where there to fan the smoke away lol got to keep them handy.

Hey, at least it was simple to write up

Just thinking it would be a 45 minute job to take the covers off, evaluate the individual defects, and document them. Guess it had to be done. Glad it wasn’t me.

I agree…one of those inspections where you have to number all the panel covers just to know which panel they go back on. Also it can be dangerous enough in removing one cover…let alone all these but someone’s gotta do it…and take pictures to boot…:mrgreen:

It was easy just one sentence this set up is fubar
Get a electrician quickly lol

They did upgrade, again, and again, [size=5]and again[/size], and again…

I think they were con FUSED!!

Nice set up!!

“Recommend upgrading from Popular science to Cosmo. If a magazine is going to burn, it better be one I dont like”


“Don’t plug in anything except a smoke detector.”

Did the burnt one have a penny in it?