Todays Inspection

Well Boys and Girls look what i found hiding today .
Picture is not that good .
First one is under a covered deck and door. and the second one well it explains itself.

Looks good from my house…

Yeah well I heard Rattle snakes look good to you , Only if they had ears to hold on lol

Wow, That second picture… Why in the world… 2 Satellite dishes!

wind control for the flue

At least to dishes won’t freeze. Free heat, and almost a guaranteed clear reception during an ice/snow storms. As for under the deck discharge, well…“stupiter is as stupiter does”.

Good catch Wayne!

I once found two steel pipes protruding above ground under an added sunroom. They were from an underground oil storage tank!

So what did you write about the coaxial under the tiles Wayne?

Some guys are just too danged picky!