Today's Nightmare

An unsuspecting buyer from Ca. thought he ran into a deal about 175 miles southeast of Phoenix, WRONG…:shock:

The realtor didn’t send him any CLOSE-UPS…:smiley:



great shots! tell us some more Dale! is there anything that didn’t need replaced?

Maybe he’s getting it for the value of the land?

He can salvage “A” toilet, but I’d replace the seat…:smiley:

He can use the front balcony guardrail to keep cattle out of the garden, isn’t worth much by the pound…:smiley:

How long does it take to write up a report on something that big and bad?

What’s wrong with the commode seat Who ever sits on that side anyway?

Just cut the front out and start tossing

What’s wrong with this picture, Dale?

The water damage on the exposed structural members gives them character. I like their rustic look.

The service panels. Antiques! What, don’t trust the craftsmanship of our electrical forefathers?

The settlement crack over the wall provides great contrast to the homogonized flat-and-crackless drywall that society has conditioned us to accept.

The foundation, let’s not get nitpicky here. Afterall, the building probably wouldn’t have the beautiful features it has without it.

The toilet, love it! The color of the water probably drowns out those embarrasing marks left behind after a certain bodily function.

Handrails, who uses them anyways? Just consider them a decorative item.

Dale, stop needlessly scaring clients and start thinking like a realtor.:wink:

What do you use for a stake?

Not very long Kenton (an hour), the buyer only paid for a visual inspection, no elaborate electrical analysis by my electrician, or condenser/furnace testing by my HVAC man.

I have a picture of a clam-bucket on a track-hoe I insert on each page…:smiley:

Looks like fun Barry…:smiley:

What’s the goal post, a urinal?..:smiley:

Inovated horseshoes from Wally World or what???

I think they need to be opened up more at the mouth. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

The bomb shelter vents, what else?