Today's Piece of cake--)))

The only thing really wrong with this mornings inspection was the fact it had a painted “Felt Paper” roof covering on plywood…and it wasn’t leaking to bad either…:lol:…in most locations…:shock:

Poor Dale. Is that really a cloud I see in the background.


…Have a good Christmas and New Year Steve…!!!..:lol:

What happened to the sheep. Did you have to count them.


That looks like Asphalt Roll Roofing

Looks like it yes Dave…but it’s 15lb felt with paint…:lol:

One of the workers was taking care of the sheep Gary…:lol:

Probably that silver crap they use to TRY and seal Mobile home roofs, that never works! I’m worried about you Dale, you have a rough life, I think you need another trip to FIJI! :cool:

I had a guy ask me once if I would paint his old shingles so it
would help him sell his house. I said “gloss or semi gloss?” …:slight_smile: not

Have to have my Pancreas operated on Jan 3rd…after that I’m out of here (hopefully alive)…:smiley:

My GF already bought the tickets to Asia months ago, but we had to postpone the trip until I quit seeing doctors every week…:shock:

They finally figured out I have an obstruction in the bile duct in my Pancreas, and it feels like someone hit me in the side and also my back with a sledge hammer for the last couple months…:shock:

Ouch!..wishing you the best.

Dale, hope everything gets better for you, I know how much it sucks to be in pain and not do what you want to.

Hang in there, all will be OK


Thats why I don’t want to buy a cam until after Jan 3rd…I don’t want my GF giving it to Brian Kelly…:shock: :twisted:

…if I don’t make it…:-&…:lol:

Dale -

You can tell her to give it to me if you don’t make it…:shock::shock::mrgreen::mrgreen: